Jeans and Strips in Men’s Fashion in Summer 2015

1The world of fashion is constantly changing. Each trend is something like a micro universe. When we talk about strips in summer clothes, we commonly mean white and blue colors. Now you cannot describe the fancy stuff in a few words, so you will need a survey to highlight trends in men’s fashion in summer 2015.

Strips stripsWhat about the strips the collections of this summer offer a great variety of combinations. In addition to the classic vest and its “sibling” Breton sweater there will be popular to wear clothes with vertical stripes on the trousers and shorts. You will get a classic summer look when pair them with a light jacket and chic shoes. However, you can use the Italian version of the outrageous – a close-fitting top and black shoes (Suitsupply, Bally).strips2 A separate theme for expression is tight sweaters with bright stripes (Mango Man, Reiss). Make the mood for summer help warm light trousers and bright shoes (Scotch & Soda). Lovers of fine accents definitely celebrate striped T-shirts and shirts including a stylish model with a contrast stripe (River Island).

Denim duojeans
We haven’t seen this tendency for a long time! However, much we were surprised – yes! One can combine the top with denim jeans bottom in summer 2015 as it is on top this season. And the parts of attire shouldn’t be self-colored; on the contrary designers are paying more attention to the contrast.jeans5
You can see an example of denim combinations in the latest collection of Tom Ford that is based on a combination of a simple blue blazer, black leather shoes, shirts and jeans. As you can use all the nuances of what offers us a men’s fashion in 2015 – the summer “forgives” even the most unexpected compositions.jeans4
Pay attention to the variety of options for the top: it can be as relaxed single turn jacket and cashmere coat, jeans or a classic bomber jacket with accentuated seams.jeans3


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