Versace and Milan Fashion Week

Versace and Milan Fashion Week


A new fall-winter collection by Versace amazes more than tens of previous ones. If you visited Milan this summer, you’ve probably heard much about it. If not, we’ll give you a chance to find out the most interesting facts, see the best looks and know all the details.Versace and Milan Fashion Week - 7

This season the designer took the greater part of her inspiration from the digital age we are in, and this choice couldn’t leave the fans indifferent. Donatella proved that she never focuses on one trend, color or material, but keeps moving and the Fashion House is moving with her, of course. Versace and Milan Fashion Week - 5

It wasn’t a simple show in Milan. It was a parade of long-legged beauties in perfect clothing. Most classic designs that fans got used to are now reworked: the immense sex appeal, unbelievable towering heels and big hair. The Grecian key design looked astonishing in the straps of dresses, on the jacquard, knitwear, bags and even gloves.

Versace and Milan Fashion Week This season Versace offered short dresses and they were very special: with sequins and letters woven into the fabrics and spelling the name of the brand, if put together like puzzles.

Hot super stars paid much attention to leather pieces with the name of the brand on them. One of the most interesting looks is a pencil skirt that is cinched up with a belt at the waist. It goes with a bomber jacket, featuring yellow detailing, as well as a turtleneck sweater to put on under it.Versace and Milan Fashion Week - 6

The designer added many bright slashes to the majority of looks. Among them is a pantsuit and nothing underneath it. It leaves the place for a V-shaped neckline. As many dresses had these slashes, the looks were completed with pant pieces.Versace and Milan Fashion Week - 4

Footwear wasn’t less fantastic! It started intriguing the audience from the very beginning of the fashion show. The first look was the combination of an asymmetrical hemmed coatdress and thigh high lacquer boots in red. The red sweater worn underneath added to the brightness of the image.Versace and Milan Fashion Week

Light greenish aqua color was the one that changed bright red. To continue the idea a long-legged model also had the sweater of the same color underneath. After bright red and green colors there appeared dark purple, classic black, classic red and green colors. However, they didn’t remain long. Donatella kept shocking (in the good meaning of the word) the audience with a great number of Barbie colors: bright yellow, pink and other bright colors.Versace and Milan Fashion Week

Calf-length boots and stunning looks are the trends offered by Versace this season. There’s no doubt that other houses may suggest other looks and shades, but who knows fashion industry better than Donatella?


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