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Preemie clothes for girls: how to buy them

Buying items of clothing for premature babies should not be a quest. With modern opportunities parents have a wide choice of destinations to check – from local baby care stores to specialized online shops. If you are a mom who has happened to bring birth to your little girl slightly earlier, you are supposed to pay special attention to her needs and wants. Shopping is a real art that will help you create a unique image for her from the cradle. Before you start looking for preemie baby girl clothes, you have to figure out an appropriate size because standard newborn clothes may be a little or considerably bigger than needed.

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No matter where you go in order to buy necessary pieces, take your baby’s weight and height measures with you. Many parents start purchasing basics for kids while they are still in the hospital (NICU). In case you are one of them, remember that nurses have to get an easy access to their body. So search for clothes with snaps that provide areas for leads to go through.

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During first months preemies grow extremely fast, that’s why it is recommended to buy ample clothes which stretch or have extenders to enlarge the size when it is needed. You will not be able to get right items unless you follow measures among which torso length is the most important figure. The thing is that different brands involved into manufacturing preemie baby clothes for girls do not always stick to the same standards. Let your eye measure if the piece you like will fit your baby as you wish. Another crucial factor to be estimated is arm length. Since arms of prematurely born kids are slimmer and smaller than ordinary ones, sleeved clothes may be not suitable for them to wear. So why don’t you pick something among short-sleeved pink dresses for little girls, cotton bodysuits, bags gowns with wide sleeves that cover arms all over the length or onesies with snaps or buttons on the front side.

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Some moms tend to buy things in which a baby feels comfortable and free while others head for trendy baby girl clothes to make sure she does not look like other babies around. Practicality is not a hindrance in following trends, either offered by brands or invented on your own. Maybe having a preemie is a chance for someone to try one’s skills in sewing or coming up with ideas – completely new ones or inspired by other designer baby girl clothes  – to be later fulfilled at a tailoring shop. One way or another, remember that prematurely born babies have a softer skin (pick only natural fabrics) and feel colder than other newborns (buy thicker clothes or layers of preemies clothing).

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