Kids’ Fashion: Summer 2015. Be Trendy!

Let’s look at the top summer clothes collections from the most popular brands. If you are interested in kids’ fashion summer 2015, this information is for you. Summer is coming. Be ready for any weather – hot or cool and the main thing is to look gorgeous and stylish. Your kids deserve this!


The first brand producing kids’ fashion summer 2015 is Gaialuna. It is a well-known fact that the Italians know what’s what in fashion. The factory of this brand is located in the province of Napoli. It manufactures children’s clothing for ages from 2 to 16 years. The brand is widely distributed in the best shops of Italy and Europe. Gaialuna develops its collections according to the wishes of kids and teenagers who follow the modern fashion and, of course, prefer the avant-garde style, combining a variety of colors and exceptional lines.Gaialuna 1Gaialuna 2Gaialuna 3Gaialuna 8Gaialuna 9Gaialuna10Gaialuna 6Gaialuna 7

Ronnie Kay is a young brand quite popular in Europe. It is chosen by those who wish for their children comfortable, quality clothing in conjunction with the Italian style. In their collections Ronnie Kay emphasizes that today children are advanced in developing modern technological civilization. The flood of information and the high pace of life require clothing functionality, practicality, while making each of its owners unique. This summer, Ronnie Kay offers boys marine style that combines classical colors: white pants, denim shorts, funny shirts.Ronnie Kay 1Ronnie Kay 2Ronnie Kay 3Ronnie Kay 4Ronnie Kay 5Ronnie Kay 6

Italian brand Fay founded back in the 80’s produces men’s and women’s collections of clothes. Then it moved on to creating collections for children. Bright, luscious and pure colors are dominant in Fay’s kids’ fashion summer 2015. When considering the collection you will automatically start to think about the rest, sunny beaches and fun summer fun.Fay 1Fay 2Fay 3Fay 4Fay 5Fay 2

Company DSquared2 created by Canadian designers twin brothers Dean and Dan Caton uses grunge style in their collections often. And the new spring-summer collection 2015 is designed in the same way: jeans, jackets, T-shirts are combined with classic black outfit.DSquared8DSquared2 1DSquared3DSquared9DSquared6DSquared4DSquared2



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