Chiffon-Clad Show by Versace Couture

Chiffon-Clad Show by Versace Couture


Chiffon-Clad Show by Versace Couture Though Donatella Versace is already known for making extravagant shows, this year she made everyone wow by her new vulnerable vision of a woman… The show’s venue was apt. It was the Palais Brongniart – a great neoclassical building, which vaulted ceilings feature frescoes that housed the Stock Exchange of Paris.

The designer kept her promise “going out of the usual comfort zone” and creating dove grey, baby pink and light turquoise dresses that were not simple, but made of many layers of such exquisite and gorgeous material as frayed chiffon, cobwebby lace and threaded georgette.

A modern woman can choose one of those perfect looks and show up on special occasions in pea-green pants and corset topes that are studded with Swarovski crystals, for example. Making a woman a real angel with light wings is what Donatella intended to do and what she accomplished.

Chiffon-Clad Show by Versace Couture

Coming back to the fashion show in Paris… all the models (some of them were the famous VS Angels) wore either knee high boots and 7-inch platform shoes, corseted gowns and chain mail dresses. The girls looked like angels with tough characters (soft waves of fabric made them airy, while corsets represented the toughness of every woman).Chiffon-Clad Show by Versace Couture -

As always, Donatella is the designer that can’t be forced to follow today’s fashion trends. All modern tendencies are familiar to her; however, she has her own ideas and never leaves the chance to show off a body of a woman. Can we blame her?

No one can insist on Versace being the brand that pays heed to the fact that a good collection should definitely show cleavage and legs and never both… This time the brand’s dresses featured many transparent sections at the ribs and also were backless, showing the whole torso.

Versace Atelier Fashion Show, Couture Collection Fall Winter 2015 in Paris

The audience could also look up, noticing the headpieces. These were faux flower garlands made from hundreds of crystals. They looked magnificent on today’s greatest models (Karlie Kloss, Kendal Jenner, Joan Small and others).

The gowns look really light and simple, however it took much time to create the beauty like this and find appropriate accessories as well as models that match. Each gown took nearly six hundred hours to be created. So, it is quite easy to understand why almost all of them have 5-figure price tags.

Dazzling the public with its creativity and innovation the bigger part of the collection is bought by very rich stars, actors and known ladies. Most of the gowns have also become a great marketing tool. Though during the year the sales in Prada and Gucci went down, Versace’s income surged by 27% and now the brand has 26.3m euro of profit.Chiffon-Clad Show by Versace Couture

Last year they opened about 40 new units and this year 30 new ones are planned. Besides, their growth is always well-financed. What’s the recipe of Versace’s success? It is quite easy – they create what their customers need and like the most: not clothes, but a great and sexy appeal.



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