Kids’ Fashion in Summer 2015: 3 Main Trends

Kids’ fashion in summer 2015 is a various and versatile as usual as the most popular brands have tried to do their best to bring pleasure to parents and their children. Let’s have a look at the most popular trends of this summer.
Grunge Style – a little bit Aggressive and so Chic
Slightly aggressive and vibrant outfits in grunge style will be extremely popular this summer. Bright prints, bright cage, metal accessories, black, stretched oversize, cardigans, light dresses with a small floral print in the company of leather jackets, leather jackets, slouchy boots all this is the main attributes of grunge style this summer. It depends on your choice only what to choose – classic variants or ultra-fashionable.
Elegant Classic – always on Top
Every wardrobe should contain clothes suitable for any formal events. Kids’ fashion in summer 2015 makes no exception. If you are going to visit someone, to the matinee, the kindergarten or school, you need to have a feminine dress, a beautiful blouse and a skirt for your daughter and a stylish shirt with trousers for your son. This summer your kid will feel like a true lady or gentleman. Choose elegant suits and dresses form the new collections.
Mix of Prints in kids’ fashion in Summer 2015
In addition to the materials and silhouettes you should pay attention to the prints which have become a key focus in many children’s fashion collections. Designers have decided to produce collections in all possible variations to offer you a good choice of almost all the prints shown in adults’ clothes– animal, vegetable and floral motifs, small Vichy cells, marine theme, abstraction, geometry, various inscriptions, pop art paintings and photographs transferred onto the fabric. They haven’t forgotten about the traditional fairy tale and cartoon characters.


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