Fashionable Prints in Kids’ Clothes in Autumn 2015


Plain clothes plays first violin in many collections. However, autumn outfits would be boring and impersonal without the attractive children’s prints. Therefore, designers offer trendy clothes with ethnic patterns, Scandinavian motifs, animal painting and floral print, various inscriptions on T-shirts and models with pictures of animals.DF4DG3DG18
Armani Junior has released an interesting and provocative children’s collection in black and white, where the leading role belongs to the thin strip and the fashion house Moschino – ensembles with humorous inscriptions in black on a white background.DG2DG6
The real masterpiece is also a children’s collection of Dolce & Gabbana. It repeats the fashionable collection of clothes in the adult line. As a result, girls’ dresses possess various animals and flowers blossomed. DG12DG3DG10DG17

The theme of magic forest is presented along with the image of the keys in dresses for girls and portraits of kings and nobles in the medieval clothes for boys.DG16DG81_DG_Cat JUNIOR_AI 14-15_19/05.inddDG7DG13DG20
However, the main print autumn-winter season autumn 2015 and has become a classic plaid. It is found in almost every other designer collections, especially those brands that produce school uniforms. For example, Next and Ralph Lauren.DG925Dg19


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