Bitty baby doll and girl clothes

This doll has become a part of both American and other cultures. It accompanies kids from the first years of their life to school time. It is loved not only by babies but also by their parents as it helps little ones learn the world and build their attitude towards occurrences. Unlike suggestions of many people, Barbie and her friends do not fit this description. Today we will be talking about an American girl, a doll of a different format and an object of inspiration for designer baby girl clothes. Having entered kids’ life in 1986, it attained the title of a national phenomenon, and not without reason.

American girl collections include characters of different nationalities, with individual stories of their life and additional features. Now the Pleasant Inc. empire has authorized shops where both parents and kids can buy a new doll, accessories to it and have fun. Unlike “My American doll” set, “Bitty Baby” and “Bitty Twins” collections are intended to the smallest babies. Each girl can pick a Bitty baby doll that looks like she. A basic set displays a swarthy girl with curly hair, a blonde girl with straight hair or a red-haired one with freckles. Also, a baby girl can choose appropriate American girl bitty baby clothes for a doll and for herself.

It is worth mentioning that American girls are not as cheerful and favored by everyone as it may seem. One of the main issues to be considered is price. An average doll in a simple outfit and a book is sold at an 85-100$ price. However, some moms put by money to buy it as even after many years this toy will be the same up-to-date and nice. Surprisingly, little girls associate trendy baby girl clothes with what they see in their doll collections.

I might suggest that kids like American girl toy sets because they provide a number of baby outfits for all occasions. And all items look realistic and rather reserved. Moreover, every time little owners play with Bitty babies, they can reveal their designer skills. Thanks to manufacturers, American girl bitty baby doll clothes can be released in bigger sizes to fit girls too. Various stores offer a matching of toy and baby pieces that include suits, dresses, sleepwear and pajamas. As for expenses, a doll dress costs about 30$, the same item for babies will be up to 2 times more expensive. Here is the list of outfit ideas for the year 2013 available in the Bitty Baby girl outfit market:

  • Prima Ballerina Set (a dress, tights, slippers)
  • Wings and Wreath Set
  • Little Lady Set (a dress, a beret, shoes, a book), etc.

I guess every little princess will find something interesting and special to wear in real life. Maybe she will ask her mom to buy some pink dresses for little girls or a cutie set of sleepers and a hat. She is not limited in her choice anyway.


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