Best Kids’ Headband Trends


It is time to talk about headbands seriously. Surprised? To tell the truth, you don’t know much about them: yes, they’re cute, look sophisticated, add some perfect touch, etc. But how to pick one for your baby girl?

Simple Bow Headbands

Best Kids’ Headband Trends

They become prefect accessories, no matter which one you really prefer: an elastic bow or the one dressed up with rhinestones and sequins. They are very soft and this is their main merit for a baby girl. The colors and designs are numerous, so they become a really great addition to everyday wear!Best Kids’ Headband Trends

Tie Back Headbands

Best Kids’ Headband Trends - 3

They obey the rule ‘less is more’. These pieces are usually bough to give way to moms’ imagination: they add lace and flowers to it, pearls and rhinestones. Depending on what is added, the look can be classic and casual, chic and modest. They say that tie back variants are just perfect for those moms, whose style is the reflection of botanical qualities. Who knows..? It’s time to check!

Rhinestone Headbands

Best Kids’ Headband Trends

Stop wondering whether such pieces are still popular, because they are! They are not casual, ordinary and plain, but more frequently chosen for a special occasion, a first photo shoot, a birthday party. There is no such case as ‘a wrong rhinestone headpiece’, as they all are great. Besides, there are so many variants to choose from: colored rhinestones and a rhinestone halo, gold or silver finish and so on.Best Kids’ Headband Trends

One of the most popular options is the Cynthia, which is made of a very soft lace, plus it is comfortable, timeless and very glamorous.

Bobo Chic

Best Kids’ Headband Trends

Pay attention to the biggest trend of 2015! Yes, it’s the Bobo Chic Headband. To begin with, it is very simple. It is usually worn across the forehead and can be for everyday wear with a T-shirt and leggings for dressing, as well as for some special and memorable occasions.

Usually these pieces fit newborns till they grow up. However, lately even their elder sisters and moms started borrowing them. ‘That’s not fair’, you may say. ‘It’s fair while baby doesn’t need it much’, we answer.

Choose golden, silver or color pieces, choose you favorite one to wear everyday and for special times. You and your kids are going to love them!

Flower HeadBest Kids’ Headband Trends Sophia Resting

Not only for kids, but mainly… These ones become great choices for everyone. A flower atop makes everyone notice your baby girl, saying how cute she is. Today’s designs are multiple, so you have variants of flower color to choose from. You can opt for your own elastic color, in case you intend to add a small bling.Best Kids’ Headband Trends

There are many pieces with little sparkles right in the middle. They work great when they are worn out to a party. What about the size? Well, any middle-sized flower is perfect for everyday use. It works completing a perfect look and never seems too overwhelming. Do you want to get a bigger one? Do it! At times it should be worn out to impress and make everyone notice your kid.

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Make sure your girl has two or three variants to wear one at a time. Occasions may be different (parties, birthdays, everyday walks) and the styles of headbands should mach them all.


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