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TOP 5 holiday dresses for women

Holiday dresses embrace a wide category of outfits for all tastes and occasions. They allow to emphasize women’s virtues and hide drawbacks if there any. A holiday dress for women does not necessarily cost a lot. Even items under $50 look rather appealing in case you have bought them during the discount season or at a right online shop. So what do you think about joining some cocktail party? Do you have any troubles getting a right party dress? I guess I can help you a little bit.

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  • 1.  A glittering dress, about $40

Not every woman likes sparking clothes, but maybe they don’t know how to wear them. If you are at any kind of women’s clothing shop, try either a tight or a split-sleeve slinky dress. It is a real holiday piece (ladies especially like to buy sparking items on New Year or Christmas celebrations). By the way, holiday party dresses for women with slightly falling out sleeves work the best for everyone who has under-arm problems or big breasts (a woman can wear a comfortable bra and none sees it).

  • 2.  A red power, about $45

This mat sheath embroidered with charming one-side ruching is daring enough to be worn at office and during an after-hours cocktail party. Thanks to its straight cut, it can both show a small waist on a slim girl/woman and visually create one if there is no such. Whenever the discussion goes about red holiday dresses, women hold different opinions about wearing such a bold color at business parties or at work more so. If you like red but want to neutralize its flamboyant appeal, put on a beige or black jacket with matching pumps and do a natural day makeup. Remember that when we talk about holiday party dresses, women prefer the styles that express their personalities. Don’t be shy to do the same!

  • 3.  Hollywood passion, about $50

Some women like long dresses, others prefer short cocktail parties. In case you can’t decide between those two categories, opt for a high-low alternative. To add a touch of drama to your image, put on a snow-white/dark-black Hollywood dress together with a little rude boots/ pumps (as you can see on photos above). Complete your expressive looks for an evening party by wearing long chandelier earrings and/or a cute hat. Incidentally, high-low hems are one of ardent trends for women’s holiday dresses 2013.

  • 4.  Jovani dresses

Sharp dressers who look for latest trends of holiday dresses for women 2013 are advised to choose beige, silvery, coral, pink, mint and violet tints. Jovani brand also suggests paying attention to sea shades that look good both on mermaid, bandeau and slit dresses, on patterns with an asymmetric hem and a train.

  • 5.  A wrap dress

This cinch dress is a good idea for wearing at an office party and especially on winter holiday occasions. You can create an ideal waistline by tying a belt or a band around your waist zone. The V-kind neckline lets you put on a necklace or a garland (if we are talking about women’s Christmas dresses holiday dresses). Ideal shoes for this half-reserved (avoid low-cut models) dress solution are closed-toe high heels or pumps of a matching color with a dress or of a neutral one.


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