Shirt dresses for women: new ideas in fall 2013

Ordinary chemise dresses are a new breakthrough in autumn fashion. They have become embodiments of elegant and stylish outfits that win all podiums. Trendy shirt dresses for women are equally great for all occasions – from a formal business meeting to a free and easy holiday party. This item of wardrobe is welcomed almost in all collections of fashion houses. No wonder as its practical loose cut popularized by Coco Chanel in the 20-th century is typically associated with comfort and freedom.

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Nevertheless, the first kinds of shirt dresses were worn in the Medieval Ages and were called chemises (a French term for shirt). A normal chemise was a piece of underwear of a free cut that helped protect clothes from body oils and sweat. Although Coco’s role was to spread the habit of selling t-shirt dresses for women, it was Cristobal Balenciaga who actually modernized and introduced this article of clothing slightly earlier, in the middle of the 20-th century.

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Today’s chemises (also known as sacks) do not look like whole-cut original patterns. Contemporary designers apply as much creativity as possible to come up with fresh ideas in respect of dress length, color, combinations of fabrics and embroidery. In autumn 2013 cute shirt dresses are especially appreciated for their convenience and ease, although ladies (and designers) are ready to violate all traditions stating that sacks are made from light-weight textile and prefer warm woolen or denim shirt dress for women. Fashion experts advise to wear unpretentious items with unusual colorful waist belts, stylish purses and virtually any kind of shoes (chic high heels, heavy boots, jackboots, etc.).

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Despite their free and plain style, new fashion lines offer chemises that can both emphasize right body parts and hide small drawbacks but still they never look like sacks (even though it’s their informal second name). Actually, any shirt dress will be great and up-to-date during this season. However, designers (see autumn collections by Lacoste, Fendi, Stella McCartney) deliver the top of leading trends. All of them give preferences to romantic and elegant chemises with loud straps so that even long shirt dresses for women reaching the floor are at the vogue.

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As for colors and prints, the most asked for items are khaki, wine-colored, red, violet and mustard patterns involved into an ensemble of Eastern motifs. When choosing the cut, check that bright ones are close-fitting in the waist and are tightened with belts. If you don’t know whether catchy colors are appropriate, pay attention to a universal black shirt dress for women by Saint Laurent or Equipment.

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Women’s shirt dresses popularize the spirit of freedom, so don’t stick to what you see or hear. Perhaps, tomorrow your new way of wearing a classical chemise will enter the world fashion history. Everything is possible as far as imagination reaches!


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