Pastel Colors are a Trend Again!


Do you want to look fabulous this fall and winter? Choose pastel colors! Though many designers offer bright things, it would be wrong to state that these soft and cool options are out-of-date. They create unbelievably gorgeous looks, seem to be so warm and welcoming that no woman can resist.

Judging by today’s trends, we are slowly going back to 70’s, sometimes 80’s and 90’s, but not staying in this world and in this century. Pastel hues are innocent and used to be worn only during warm months with their rather gentle weather (dusty pinks and baby blues, muted yellow and pretty lilac), however, times change and all the sophistication and chic slowly transfers to cold winter.Pastel Colors are a Trend

Who dares to suggest new trends? As usually, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Dries Van Noten, Prada and some others define powder pastels the best choice to be. How can you integrate them into your wardrobe?

Don’t be afraid to choose prints. There is no such rule that prints match bolder colors only. You can easily and very successfully add prints to your ‘mainly pastel’ look. Look for attractive and sweet designs. The result is a sweet and girly look suitable for any occasion.

Give some texture. Many fashion houses suggest their quilted looks, adding a rather interesting texture type to the outfits their fans wear. Choose quilted sweatshirts and trousers, jackets and blazers in a luxe feel. In fall and winter this all will look amazing.Pastel Colors are a Trend Again!

Give chance to minimalism. With pastel hues minimalism becomes very handy. You can find your own perfect balance between femininity and masculinity and pick lighter colors, silky versions of outfits, warmer fabrics, etc. Pay attention to gentle lavender. This color will accentuate your natural beauty.

Play with color. If it is chosen properly, it can add to your look. There are many frosty versions of your favorite colors this season. You can spice them up with much brighter analogues. Choose pastel suits, jackets and skirts to combine them with bright blouses, gloves and blazers. Don’t forget about killer heels and skinny belts, as well as much embroidery. This all will make you look perfect.Pastel Colors are a Trend

Add candy-colored clothing. Why candy-colored outfit? It is not bright, very soft. Refuse from most bold and stark candy-colored things you see in stores. Give preference to milky and adult mints designs. They appear on garments from casual clothes to oversized coats with a mix of pastels. Choose these colors as the basis for your wardrobe this autumn and winter. They match for work, walk, dating and even shopping.Pastel Colors are a Trend Again! - 5

One of the best ways to spruce up tonal, minimal and clean hues is to choose color blocking: add some delicate embroidery, create your own style with embellishments… What can you wear? Buy some great hues on pretty twin sets and tailored suits, shoes, lovely jewellery, accessories and nice handbags. Combine bright and icy tones, don’t be afraid to mix and try something new. If you feel inexperienced, check out Holly Futton, Bottega Veneta or Jonathan Saunders.Pastel Colors are a Trend Again!


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