New trends in women’s dress shirts 2013

A true woman will always take a pleasure in buying a new dress shirt, especially because 2013 blouses rejoice with an incredible variety of fashions and different details. Both appreciators of the classical style and ladies who prefer a free American style will find a pattern to their taste.

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Trendy women’s dress shirts alongside with stylish shoes and a bright makeup combine always up-to-date design and new ideas. As for typical trends of this season, pay special attention to various colorful prints. Designers call them a 3D style as floral motifs (violets, blue cornflowers, large poppies, etc.) on dress shirts are sewn as front applications. True, some women can find them uncomfortable in wearing under jackets due to their puffy solution.

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One more trend on top of popularity is stripes of any kind – from thin ones like on men’s suits to thick mattress lines. The preferable color decision is black-and-wide stripes. However, if you would like some other color combinations, try them (just avoid a sailor shirt style). Stripes should not necessarily dazzle colleagues and friends. It’s enough to put one strong accent as it is done in Les Copains, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein collections.

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In case you are making your choice not only among dress shirts for women, but also think about matching colors and stripes on your suit, skirt and blouse, pick hues that do not contrast with each other. The way stripes are sewn on all items of your business wardrobe does not matter much.

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Despite a number of color geometric and printed ideas offered by outstanding brands, one-color subdued short and long sleeve dress shirts for women introduced in Lanvin lines are leading ones. Style experts admit that fashion has two counterparts this season. One side is an elegant feminine blouse and another side is a male one with rough soles, solid fabrics and men’s shirts. In some way, it is universal as both conservative and contemporary oriented ladies can feel at ease.

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Business ladies whose office dress code is not strict can wear uncovered or patterned dress shirts while especially reserved females are suggested to choose once men’s polo shirt dresses for women. A male style in women’s blouse fashion allows making experiments like putting one glittering heels, a bright purse, long earrings and a bold makeup. These small details can emphasize your individuality after few simple actions.

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By the way, look for tags that indicate non-iron dress shirts for women. I know how it can be frustrating to iron clothes when you are short of time. So make your life easier. And heed a piece of advice from one reputable designer: no matter what business you are involved in or how busy you are, keep at least one white dress shirt in your wardrobe. It’s a must for each trendy modern woman.


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