How to wear a shirt dress

A shirt dress is a visual embodiment of genial things in a simple solution. An easy, practical and multi-functional cut has been in fashion for the second season now. But you need to learn how to wear it and match with other items of wardrobe so that it fits you in a really good way.



Typical shirts dresses for women claim to be universal articles of clothing in women’s fashion. They will suit both young and aging ladies; both tall and small females will find the right piece to their taste. They will create a smooth elegant silhouette, correct proportions, emphasize an attractive breast zone and hide excessive kilos in hip and waist areas. The most important thing is to put right accents and find other details of image to match a chemise.



Draw attention to peculiarities of your body and pick a dress, its color and accessories in accordance with them. Such outstanding designers as Marc Jacobs and Holmes&Yang suggest that women’s t-shirt dresses are put on together with belts. Depending on the fabric type they are made from, you can choose belts either of the same or contrasting color. When it comes to cotton chemises, they can be worn with belts of virtually any size.

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It is not necessary to wear this piece on the naked body. Put on a top or a t-shirt underneath and unbutton the upper part of it. By doing that, you will show the cut and the color of your top that can even contrast with a dress or harmonize with it if you hold more reserved fashion views. Such a dressing solution looks especially good with plaid shirt dresses for women. Don’t be afraid to take experiments. Actually, the way you dress shows who you are.


Also, don’t forget to add some gloss. Simple accessories just complement outfit in a nice way. Polished details allow drawing enough attention while bracelets and long heavy necklaces make a more elegant image, especially if you decide to wear one of denim shirt dresses for women.

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Feel free to wear clothes over a dress. In autumn-summer season it is important to keep your body warm so don’t hesitate whether to slip on tight blazer or a short-cut jacket. Imagine that your chemise is just a dress shirt.


Choice of appropriate shoes will be defined by the occasion you head for. Pumps, open-toe sandals and high heels are the best option for an everyday wear. Maxi shirt dresses for women are best matched with moccasins and open-toe high heels. When the weather is cold, it is advisable to put on knee-high boots and a woolen chemise of the same skirt length or slightly above your knees (see Electric Feathers collection).



Discover your own style and keep being individual!


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